Feature Comparison

Feature Comparison

That's Why Secure Disk for BitLocker is Developed

Traditional full-disk encryption solutions offer feature rich encryption for Windows clients: graphical pre-boot-authentication, multi-user support for client usage within teams, intuitive help-desk services, self-help services, multiple user authentication options including smart cards, token, PKI certificates and biometric. And after successful user encryption authentication it allows automatic single sign-on to Windows.

Guess what! Microsoft BitLocker does offer none of the above features. The BitLocker encryption is a simple but stable encryption solution for Windows.

The scope of Secure Disk for BitLocker is to enhance the stable BitLocker encryption engine by security and operational features most enterprises are waiting for.

See the below feature comparison for more details!

Feature Comparison: Microsoft BitLocker vs. Secure Disk for BitLocker

Microsoft BitLocker
with MBAM

Secure Disk for BitLocker
"Standard Edition"

Secure Disk for BitLocker
"Multi-Factor Edition"

AES-NI Encryption

Passwort Authentication

Transparent TPM

TPM+PIN Authentication

Active Directory Authentication

802.1x Authentication

Multi-User Support


Online HelpDesk

Recovery Key required

Offline Challenge
Response HelpDesk

Central Management

GPO+MBAM+Scripts req.

Single Sign-on
to Windows

Network Unlock

LAN & time based only

Biometric Support

Smart Card Support

PKI-Token Support

YubiKey Support

OTP App Support
e.g. Google Authenticator

Authentication by Smartphone App


Supported but unsecure

Not supported


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