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[Solved] PBA – Pre-Boot-Authentication for Windows BitLocker
Let me explain the importance of pre-boot-authentication - PBA in client security: I lock the door of my house, whenever[...]
[Solved] Secure Erase on Disposal for BitLocker Encrypted Clients
Did you ever try do dispose or resale a BitLocker encrypted client? You will need external erase / disposal tools,[...]
[Solved] Challenge Response Helpdesk for Microsoft BitLocker
Secure Microsoft BitLocker operation requires user authentication during the pre-boot-phase, typically referred as pre-boot-authentication - PBA. Microsoft offers a very[...]
[Solved] Smartphone Authentication for Microsoft BitLocker
The lack of hardware based multi-factor authentication for Microsoft BitLocker like smart card, token or smartphone apps is an ongoing[...]
[Solved] Biometric Pre-Boot Support for Microsoft BitLocker
Biometric authentication is widely used on IT systems as an additional factor of user identification.  The are multiple physiological identifiers[...]
[Solved] Usage of Active Directory Credentials for Microsoft BitLocker
Beginning with Windows 8, Microsoft BitLocker supports password authentication without any TPM requirement. To use the BitLocker password protector the[...]

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AES-NI Hardware Encryption

Password Authentication

Transparent TPM Authentication

​​TPM + PIN Authentication

Active Directory Credential Authentication

802.1x Authentication

Multi-User Support


Online Help Desk

Offline Challenge/Response Help Desk

Central Management

​Single Sign-On to the Windows Operation System

​Network Unlock - Network Friendly Mode

​Biometric Support

​Smart Card Support

​PKI-Token Support

​Smartphone Authentication

​​Secure Erase on Disposal

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