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Safeguard Add-On
for Microsoft BitLocker

​Enterprise Satisfaction Guaranteed by
Adding Security, Usability and Helpdesk
to Microsoft BitLocker!

Safeguard Add-On
for Microsoft BitLocker

Enterprise Satisfaction Guaranteed by Adding Security, Usability and Helpdesk to Microsoft BitLocker!​ 

What is Secure Disk for BitLocker?

Built as a Pre-Boot-Authentication (PBA) system Secure Disk for BitLocker is a small security operating system that is loaded prior the start of Windows​. It offers additional boot features and full management ​of the underlaying ​Windows encryption​. The BitLocker add-on eliminates all limitations of BitLocker: easy deployment, multi-user / multi-factor authentication, central management and comfortable helpdesk features.

​For ​rollouts of hund​reds or thousands Windows clients, enterprises use ​our self-init ​mode to capture Active Directory credentials or PKI certificates for authentication on first client usage. This ​allows large scale rollouts completely without administration efforts.

​Good news! Secure Disk does not require TPM ​and TPM-Pin for secure authentication. ​And all recovery key handling is completely managed internally!

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We asked our customers...

That's why you should encrypt too!

How will state-of-the-art encryption will help your GDPR Compliance

​​If you skip encryption because of ​complexity, we have ​the best solution!


See ​the top 5 ​actions how to regain control on your ​confidential data

Built for Users

  • Easy Encryption Usage
  • Multi-Factor-Authentication
  • Single Sign-on to Windows

Built for IT Administrators

  • ​Secure Pre-Boot without TPM Chip
  • Multi-User Support for BitLocker
  • Minimal Operational Costs
  • Central Managed Policies

Built for ​​Management

  • GDPR Compliant AES256 Encryption for Regulated Markets, like China, Russia
  • Cost Effective & Auditable Encryption
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500.000+ licenses sold, 
20+ industries, on 5 continents available in 28 languages

​100% Cryptographic Protection


100% Cryptographic
Active Directory Credentials


100% Cryptographic
Offline Helpdesk
Online Helpdesk
Smartphone Self-Service


100% Cryptographic
Encryption Enforcing
Compliance Reports
Secure Disk Wipe

​Cryptographic Secure Disk for BitLocker protectors allow standardized and auditable security controls to operate Microsoft BitLocker. All available user authentications and the network authentication mode "friendly network" use encryption keys in the Windows pre-boot-phase ​ to enable BitLocker decryption. ​E.g. the smart card private key is used to decrypt the Volume-Encryption-Key (VEK), or a key ​calculated ​from the users Active Directory Credentials ​is used to decrypt the VEK, or a key stored on a smartphone is challenged to decrypt the systems VEK.

Done by Cryptograhic Professionals - 100% Protection for Enterprises!

Enhanced BitLocker Features

​​Pre-Boot-Authentication for Win 7 / Win 8.x / Win 10 - No TPM Required - Multi-User Support - Active Directory Credential Authentication - Smart Card Authentication - PKI-Token Authentication - Biometric Support - Smartphone Authentication - Two-Factor-Authentication - Multi-Factor-Authentication - X.509 ​- Wake-on-LAN ​- Network-Unlock ​Protector - 802.1x for LAN and WLAN - Central Policy Management - Central Helpdesk ​- Online HelpDesk - Challenge/Respon​se ​HelpDesk - Smartphone HelpDesk - Secure Erase on Disposal - Compliance Report - Optional: Antivirus Outbreak Management

 ​Rainer Altmueller

General Manager CPSD​


​M​ost enterprises suffer from the burden of integrated TPM chips ​​to operate Microsoft BitLocker. A secure encryption operation require TPM ​pin to be activated, but instantly adding a huge helpdesk overhead to client support. ​With Secure Disk for BitLocker we found an excellent way to increase security while decreasing operational costs to almost zero.

​Modern and Intuitive User Interface

  • ​Pre-Boot
  • Multi-Factor
  • ​Smartphone-Auth
  • ​Management
  • ​Help-Desk
Secure Disk for BitLocker Online and Offline Helpdesk

Secure Disk for BitLocker Online and Offline Helpdesk

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