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​​What is Secure Disk for BitLocker?

​Which operating systems are supported?

​​​Are there any hardware limitations?

​​Choose UEFI or BIOS for BitLocker operation?

​​Why is a network stack required in the Pre-Boot-Phase

​​What are the requirements for the central administration?

​How can the central management service be clustered?

​Can I see a demo?

​Why NOT to use transparent encryption?

Traditional full-disk encryption solutions offers feature rich encryption for workstation: graphical pre-boot-authentication, multi-user support for client usage within teams, intuitive help-desk services, self-help services, multiple user authentication options including smart cards /token / PKI certificates, after the user encryption authentication automatic single sign-on to Windows, and many more.

Guess what! Microsoft BitLocker does offer non of the above features. The BitLocker encryption is a ?quite simple but stable encryption solution for Windows.

The scope of Secure Disk for BitLocker is to enhance the stable BitLocker encryption engine by security and operational features enterprises are waiting for. See our feature comparison for more details!
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