​Existing Secure Disk for BitLocker customers can use their local partner to get support or use the contact options below.

Get ​Support:

        ​Support Offices:

        ​Master Distributor Germany/Switzerland

        ​CryptWare IT Security GmbH
        Frankfurter Str. 2
        DE-65549 Limburg an der Lahn, Germany
        Phone: +49 6431 977790-0

        Master Distributor ​Austria

        ​cpsd it services GmbH
        ​Wildberstr. 32
        ​A-​4040 ​Linz, ​Austria
        Phone: ​+43 732 781584-0

        Global Sales Office
        - America/Europe/Asia/Australia
        ​Publisher responsible for content:

        ​Verschluesselt.IT - Andreas Schuster
        Schuetzengasse 37
        A-2500 Baden, ​Austria
        Phone: +43 678 1216943

        +43 732 781584-98

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